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The recent death of Halton C. Arp prompted me to read this book.

reviewed by Duane Dunkerson



Your Handle On The Night Sky by Daniel E. Pope, 2011.

Fun and awe.

reviewed by Duane Dunkerson




Gravitational Waves: The Shadow Ghosts of Science

Berkeley and Newton/G waves and spacetime/
J. Weber and LIGO/memory and concepts

by Duane Dunkerson



Notes and Comments on Quantum by M. Kumar

Dedicated to quantum cosmologists, wherever you may be

by Duane Dunkerson


Circumpolar North

A fantasy ruined by what rain won't let me see.

by Duane Dunkerson




















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Here and There
Exploding Star Impacts Neighbor (A-S Center Astrophysics)
A Type Ia supernova blasts its binary companion.

Hurricanes in Space  (York University )
Quasars in galactic central regions put out winds at 20 percent the velocity of light.

 Gravitational Waves Discovered (Perimeter Institute)

New era for study of the Universe.



The Gaian Stricture (Earthsky)

Fermi's Paradox - where are the aliens? Maybe rapid changes on a planet could eliminate life. (Or was it supernovae?)

Huge Galaxy But in Early Universe (Inquisitr)

It has a redshift of 11.1 and it growing fast.